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  • Mobile Telco

    The total numbers of mobile telco subscribers in Indonesia has surpass the total population number itself. And the advantage of utilizing telco inventory are its 100% viewability and high click-through-rate number. Maximize your mobile campaign advertisement with our telco inventory to reach through huge mobile audience.

    Mobile Telco
  • Mobile Network

    Growth of mobile users in Indonesia has been outstanding. Everyone most likely go mobile in getting any information due to its readiness and simplicity. Reach them through Adstars as we connected to a lot of local mobile publishers and find your potential customer

    Mobile Network
  • Desktop Network

    Desktop still to be the favorite device for internet audience in making decision such as browsing an information, streaming video, registering to a form or purchasing a product. Optimize your campaign peformance through our best local dekstop inventory.

    Desktop Network
  • Performance Campaign

    We are realize that you might have certain goal to be achieved such as engagement, leads, conversion, or else more. Our service as a media buying partner also include assisting you to reach those certain goal through our campaign

    Performance Campaign




execute client’s digital advertising strategy


perform certain KPI as client request


assisting, actuating client digital advertising activity


formulation, production, & implementation



Adstars Adnetwork

Ad placement on our big local network including premium sites


Google Display Network

Ad placement on Google’s network including ads on Youtube and Gmail.

Social Media Advertising

Ads on the stram of Instagram and Facebook timeline.

Youtube Pre-Roll

Place your video advertisement as prelude of any Youtube video contents.




    Mobile & Internet has rigorously shifted consumer's media consumption pattern. While desktop internet is known as 6th mass media, and mobile phone is well known as 7th mass media. These two youngest mass medias have phenomenal benefits that earlier media could hardly offer. The last one is the only mass media that is Personal, always carried, cirtually always on, it can accommodate creative aspiration, intriguing natural social behaviour, inherits a built in payment system and media measurement metric. We understand the shift of media consumption has changed the landscape of advertising Industry, brands are forced to find other avenue to meet their audience as their return on investment on traditional media gets poorer and poorer. We are keen to provide solutions, because we understand the digital consumer behavior, and we understand the technology. Adstars, the brand of our digital advertising media company, has built a comprehensive mobile and internet advertising inventories in order to serve brand owners to engage with digital audience.